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Downloads to help make things easier....


When it comes to the time to sit down and write your wedding invitation and stationary wording we all turn to the 2013 answer to everything....GOOGLE.
With so many examples to be found with a simple google search, it can be very daunting!

We have tried to take some of the anxiety out of it, by offering some basic examples for you to cut and paste parts you like and add in your own ideas.

Below are some links to download wording examples, verses, poems and examples.
To do this simply click on the link and the PDF file will load, you can save the PDF to your computer by going to the drop down menu and choosing "save a copy"


Wedding Invitation Wording Examples - Parents Inviting

Wedding Invitation Wording Examples - Bride & Groom Inviting

Wedding Related Mini Poems

Wishing Well Verses

RSVP Examples

uest List Template

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